Calling on the DOT to Improve West Village Intersections

In December 2018, I wrote to the New York City Department of Transportation (DOT) regarding a number of intersections along West 4th Street that intersect with Charles Street, Perry Street, West 11th Street, Bank Street, and finally West 12th Street. Because of the stoplight at West 11th Street, drivers eager to make the light at the next block approach Bank Street, which does not have a stop sign, at a high rate of speed.
I have written numerous times about the need for the City and DOT to consider further Vision Zero improvements in our neighborhoods where local residents see everyday safety infractions or hazardous situations. Frequently, my office receives complaints from local residents about the intersections in the West Village between West 4th and Washington Streets, where the lack of consistent crossing patterns can prove difficult for pedestrians. In the case of Bank Street and West 4th, this particular intersection is the only one in the area that does not have a two-way stop or traffic light.
Many times, pedestrians are either unaware or not used to this design and may be at risk of injury or fatality because of a traffic accident. I hope the DOT will work to further strengthen Vision Zero commitments in downtown communities