What Actually Happens When Women Run & Win Elections

Published in Bustle on November 7, 2017

“Deborah Glick regularly works across party lines in her role as a Democratic member of the New York State Assembly, and firmly believes that more women in power would lead to better outcomes across the board, particularly in education and healthcare.
‘What we try to do is find issues that we agree on,’ she tells Bustle. ‘We’ve worked on increased funding for breast cancer [research]. We’ve worked on some childcare issues. We try to find issues where women are the group most impacted where we can agree on some solutions.’
Glick notes that the professions most impacted by budgets are ones that employ vast numbers of women, like teaching and health care: ‘Nobody ever thinks that you can cut or make changes in law enforcement or defense, but they’re totally happy to mess with education and cuts to healthcare at the lower levels.’ More women in office likely means more push back against these kinds of attempts to cut funding.”
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