Advocating for Protecting the Church of the Nativity

Letter to Pope Francis to Protect the Church of the Nativity

January 19, 2018

Dorothy Day was a New York native, activist, devout Catholic, co-founder of The Catholic Worker and generator of the Catholic Worker Movement. She has been named a Servant of God and is undergoing the canonization process. As a New Yorker, her influence is felt in her longtime service to those in need, which prompted an increase in the care that our most vulnerable populations are able to receive. For most of her life, she prayed regularly at the Church of the Nativity located within my district in New York City.

The Church of the Nativity has since closed as a local parish and rumors are circulating that the diocese is considering selling the location to be redeveloped into housing. Such speculations are upsetting and a conversion to luxury housing is inconsistent with the compassionate principles of Dorothy Day. Building luxury housing on a historically and culturally significant site would serve to erase the impact and influence Dorothy Day had locally through her peaceful yet steadfast activism aimed at supporting and uplifting those who need it most. I am appealed to the Pope for support in maintaining the Church of the Nativity site, and hope that he will stand with us in protecting this site.