Advocating for Construction Coordination to Mitigate Residential Complaints

As you know, ensuring New York City’s utilities are functioning at their full capacity is essential to keeping the City running. Although noise from construction projects is expected in the City that never sleeps, many residents in Lower Manhattan feel inundated with the constant flow of never-ending construction projects, extended completion dates and constant construction noise. In an effort to give constituents some respite, in December 2018 I wrote a letter requesting that Con Edison, the Department of Transportation, and the Department of Design and Construction re-evaluate their construction project procedures and compliance, especially when quality of life complaints are lodged by community members and elected officials.
I am aware that underground excavation work and construction projects are necessary throughout the City in order to provide reliable service to customers. However, the constant sound of jack hammering, noise from moving heavy plates in the street, inundation of late night permits, and torn-up streets for excavation work are unbearable for many residents living in Lower Manhattan. As the Worth Street construction projects continue, I look forward to working with these agencies and the local Community Board to advocate on behalf of residents in Lower Manhattan.