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There is a growing crisis in healthcare that must be addressed. The crisis is not just about the increasing number of uninsured people, it is about the substantial number of people whose insurance coverage is totally inadequate. It is not just about rising costs, it is about people having no choice but to make medical decisions based on cost, and it is about insurance companies who choose to make decisions on this basis. It is not just about the high cost of prescription drugs, it is about people being forced to choose between buying a prescription and paying the rent. While the healthcare industry's middlemen continue to enjoy enormous profits, New Yorkers of all income levels are being increasingly squeezed.

This imbalance is seen in the fact that the United States spends more than most other countries per capita on health spending, yet our outcomes aren't any better- in fact, a number of countries enjoy better outcomes than the U.S. and do not exhibit such serious race- class- and gender-based healthcare disparities.

It is my hope that the recently passed healthcare legislation is a step forward in the direction of single-payer universal healthcare system. However, we must monitor its implementation to be certain that essential provisions, such as elimination of denials based on pre-existing conditions, subsidies to make coverage more affordable, parity for mental health benefits, as well as significantly expanded access to Medicare, are implemented as promised.








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